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2023 TAP Trail Day #5

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Saturday, September 30, 2023 - 8:15am

NSRIDE is excited to be part of the NSMBA Trail Adoption Plan (TAP) once again in 2023.  NSRIDE has committed to providing approximately 8 to 10 volunteers for 6 trail days throughout the 2023 riding season.  Club members, come out and help us improve the trail!  Penny Deck has a passion for our sponsored trail (Dales) and will be our TAP Trail Builder.

2023 NSRIDE TAP Trail Days

TAP 1 on Sun, 2nd April

TAP 2 on Sun, 30th April

TAP 3 on Saturday, 20th May

TAP 4 on Saturday, 24th June

TAP 5 on Saturday, 30th September

TAP 6 tba 

Anyone is welcome to volunteer for a trail day.  Bring a friend and let us know in the comments or via Facebook/Messenger!  No trail building experience is necessary.

What to Bring - Bean Around The World provide coffee to kick start the day, so bring your own personal mug. They also provide a selection of pastries, which you can have for breakfast or save for a post-lunch dessert.  Lunch is also provided but please feel free to bring some snacks!  Make sure you bring enough water to keep you hydrated (so check the likely conditions), and we recommend a small backpack for additional warm or waterproof clothing , sturdy shoes or hiking/work boots, and work gloves.

Saturday, 30th September Trail Day Information
Meeting time: 8:15 AM
Meeting location: Bean Around The World, Park Gate
Trail:  Dales
Expected end time: 2:30 - 3pm


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Upcoming Rides

October 14, 2023
Starts at 11:00 am