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Bike 101 - Bike Maintenance Clinic

NSRIDE Event: 
Wednesday, May 24, 2023 - 7:00pm


Come and join us at Dialled Bike Service from 7.00pm to 9.00pm to learn about basic bike maintenance.

Who should sign-up?

No matter how long you've been riding, there will be something to learn from this session. Those that aren't used to maintaining their own bike, however, will get the most from this session, so please respect that sentiment when deciding whether to sign up or not.


315 Mansfield Pl, North Vancouver, BC V7J 1E4

There is limited parking at the shop. Additional parking is available on Lynn Avenue and at the Canadian Tire parking lot. 


Dialled have generously agreed to provide their workspace and staff at a heavily discounted cost for NSRide members. Please bring along $20 in cash (to be collected on-site) to help compensate them for their time. As a bonus for all attendees Dialled will provide a practical tool that every home bike mechanic should own!

What to expect

Whether you’ve been riding 20 years or 2, you will learn something valuable at the Dialed X NS Ride Level 1 Maintenance Courses.

Instead of being a liability on the trail, you could be an asset to your fellow riders. This course will help you show up ready to ride, with a safe and reliable bike and the skills we will focus on can help you save thousands of dollars over the lifetime of your bike. We focus on teaching you what you can do to prevent unnecessary breakdowns, manage wear and tear, and retain the value of the asset that is your mountain bike.

The courses are designed to help people understand which parts of the bike are consumable, how to identify issues and how to treat each component to get the most out of your ride. It doesn’t matter if you’re the fastest rider in the group or bringing up the rear - bike technology has changed rapidly in recent years, so if you feel like your knowledge might be even slightly out of date, I guarantee you’ll head home armed with useful new skills. 

How do you know if your chain is worn? If your brakes need a bleed or new pads? And when do you need to see a professional? All of this will be covered in a format that will see us rotate through five bike stands as a group, identifying and learning about drive trains, brakes, tires/wheels and safety issues. 

Should I bring my bike?

We are looking for 10 volunteers to bring their bikes. In a non-judgemental fashion, Dialled will select 5 that will best aid their demonstrations. Please indicate in the comments whether you intend to bring your bike, and if so please arrive at 6.40pm so that Dialled can take a look at the bikes and get them ready on stands.

What if sign-up is full or I'm signed up and then can't make it?

Due to space constraints, we have to cap attendees at 30. If the session is full please still sign-up as you will be added to the waitlist.

If you are signed up and can't make it, please cancel as soon as you can so we can move someone up from the waitlist. We currently don't have the capability to automatically contact someone that has moved from the waitlist to attending so please check regularly if you are on the waitlist. 

Food and Beverages

Food and beverages will not be provided, although Dialled is happy for you to bring your own to enjoy.



Max Signups: 

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