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2023 TAP Trail Day #3

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Saturday, May 20, 2023 - 8:15am

NSRIDE is excited to be part of the NSMBA Trail Adoption Plan (TAP) once again in 2023.  NSRIDE has committed to providing approximately 8 to 10 volunteers for 6 trail days throughout the 2022 riding season.  Club members, come out and help us improve the trail!  Penny Deck has a passion for our sponsored trail (Dales) and will be our TAP Trail Builder.

2022 NSRIDE TAP Trail Days

TAP 1 on Sun, 2nd April

TAP 2 on Sun, 30th April

TAP 3 on Saturday, 20th May

TAP 4 on Saturday, 24th June

TAP 5 tba 

TAP 6 tba 

Anyone is welcome to volunteer for a trail day.  Bring a friend and let us know in the comments or via Facebook/Messenger!  No trail building experience is necessary.

What to Bring - Lunch is provided but please feel free to bring some snacks!  You will also need to bring a small backpack, sturdy shoes or hiking/work boots, water and work gloves (if you have a pair).

Saturday, 20th May Trail Day Information
Meeting time: 8:15 AM
Meeting location: Bean Around The World, Park Gate
Trail:  Dales
Expected end time: 2:30 - 3pm


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